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Residential & Commercial Lawn Aerator Services in Ottawa, ON

Nurse Lawn Care’s residential and commercial lawn aerator services in Ottawa, ON, continue to be the best on the market. Our core aeration services prepare your lawn for any time of the year, whether that means summertime barbecues or winter hibernation. For those who don’t know what aeration is, core aeration reduces soil compaction, which allows for easier entry for nutrients to promote healthy root growth and green, luscious grass. Many homeowners may not realize their lawns need to breathe. When the soil builds an extra layer on its surface, it is known as lawn thatch, which reduces access to water and nutrients. As the lawn thatch builds, it reduces groundwater runoff and organic breakdown—two important aspects of healthy soil. It may also increase unwanted pests through attracting insects or other pests.

That’s where Nurse Lawn Care comes in handy. Our residential and commercial lawn aerator services in Ottawa, ON, ensure seasonal protection and thatch control. but our core aeration services further ensure deep, impactful soil breakdown to allow water, air, and nutrients to seep through. To get in touch with our services, fill out an online form or call us directly. Our team of professional lawn technicians have the knowledge and experience to treat your residence or commercial property in the appropriate manner. With quick, quality response times, we’ll get you a quote to match your specifications and budget. We’re open seven days a week for your convenience. Moreover, if you purchase any summer mowing contract today, you’ll receive a free aeration so you have the best, healthiest lawn possible. There’s no better time to do it. Whether you’re scheduling a spring, summer, or fall cleanup; sod install; or weekly mowing, take advantage of our services and have us aerate your lawn. After all, a healthy lawn is one way to make your home or business the best it can be. Don’t wait! Schedule your aeration appointment today.