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We offer a professional lawn mowing experience. We will trim around your home and fences and clean off all hard surfaces. From weekly cuts to one time cuts, we can cater to your needs!

Offered for both Residential and Commercial Properties.

Snow Removal

At Nurse Lawn Care we don't just offer lawn services, we offer a quick, efficient and reliable snow removal services for your property. Snow cleaning starts at 3cm. All of our snow removal services include walkway shovelling. Salting services offered.

Offered for both Residential and Commercial Properties.


Prepare your lawn for the summer or for the winter hibernation with our core aeration services. Core aeration reduces soil compaction, allows easier entry for nutrients into the soil and promotes root growth for a more lush and green lawn.


Spring/Fall Cleanups

Get your property looking clean and ready for the summer or cleaning piles of leaves in the falls. We will leave your property looking clean and ready for you to enjoy!


Flower Bed Mulching

Our mulching service is perfect to add some colour to your property, providing some weed control for flower beds and less frequent watering of flowers and shrubs. With our low per yard pricing it is not only effective but also affordable. If you need some extra weed protection we offer the option to add landscaping fabric.


Sod Installs

Has you lawn been ravaged by grubs? Just had a beautiful interlock 

patio done and want to make the finishing touch? 

Our sod installs are the fastest and best way to get your yard looking perfect!

We use premium sod from a supplier here in Ottawa, We also add

new soil under the sod to make sure o​ur installs last!

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